InnoPet Hercules 2.0: All-in-One Dog Stroller & Bike Trailer

InnoPet Hercules 2.0: All-in-One Dog Stroller & Bike Trailer

Combining Convenience and Versatility

InnoPet Hercules
is one of the premium options of multipurpose strollers come bike trailers for dogs in 2023.

For many owners, walking their canine companion is not just about giving the pooch some exercise — for some, it’s a chance to get exercise themselves.

While there are different ways of carrying your sidekick, this is one of the favourites among pet lovers.

Simplify Your Outings

With the use of the connecting tow rod (sold separately), this is a versatile solution that removes the need for deciding between a pet bike trailer and a pushchair — the innovative InnoPet Hercules offers you both in one convenient package, the best of both worlds. Imagine how much more simple your outings with your furry best buddy will become. How would this adaptable solution improve your adventures with your loyal companion?

Innopet Hercules 2.0 XL with a dog sat in it

Both functions boast a front and back opening for ease of access for your animal friend, making for effortless loading and unloading for your precious cargo. Thanks to the dual-point entry, and the low loading level further increasing its suitability, makes this ideal for dogs with mobility issues.

The front and back openings of the covering fabric are designed with convenience in mind. You no longer have to struggle to manoeuvre your furry bestie through a single opening. The twin entry feature means you can go about your adventures without having to spend time struggling to lift or coax your pup into a single confined space. Simply open the preferred entrance point and they can walk in or out of the InnoPet Hercules comfortably, making loading and unloading a breeze.

As well as having a large capacity for your big four-legged bud, it also features a storage pocket for you to store miscellanea and two adjustable safety leads to keep your pup safe during all of your outdoor activities.

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The Innopet Hercules dog buggy 5 star review

Durability and Premium Quality

Renowned for its remarkable durability and boasting exceptional features like puncture-proof and shock-absorbing tyres, the InnoPet Hercules is suitable for all kinds of terrains. This versatile 2-in-1 option ensures unmatched comfort for canines of all sizes. Additionally, the rear handlebar is adjustable for better ergonomics.

Made with top-of-the-line aircraft-grade aluminium tubing that guarantees a long life of use, making it durable and robust. A large capacity of up to 50 kg, makes the InnoPet Hercules an excellent heavy-duty choice, big enough to hold one larger or two medium-sized paw pals.

Innopet Hercules Infographic


Experience the Outdoors with Your Pup


Who is the Hercules for? You might ask. If you’re the active, sporty type of dog-dad or mum, then you’re getting a lot of bang for your Buck!
You’ll have chins and tails wagging when you stroll up to parkrun on a Saturday morning. 

Owners of the dog buggy say that it is an essential pet-travel accessory; it gives their furry pal a chance to enjoy the scenery from an entirely different point of view and get some fresh air at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for all-terrain adventures, thrilling trails, or you simply want to embrace nature's beauty as you casually stroll through the park, InnoPet Hercules is built to match your desires.

Going for a family bike ride? Well, with the bike tow arm, when you use the InnoPet Hercules in bike trailer mode, you can now bring along the furry member of the family and let them enjoy the fresh breeze whisking through their fur.

 InnoPet Hercules dog bike trailer

No path is too much of a challenge. The puncture-proof EVA tyres mean you and your canine friend can take on gravel paths, winding forests and rocky terrains, with comfort too. All while ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Experience the ultimate convenience and versatility. Get yours today and enjoy outdoor adventures with your furry friend like never before. Start making memories together and make your pet’s travel experience truly remarkable!

Why buy two separate items when you can buy the Innopet Hercules all-in-one?

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