Croozer Dog Bike Trailers: The perfect way to bring your four-legged friend on your adventures.

Croozer Dog Bike Trailers are designed with comfort, safety, and convenience in mind, catering to larger dog breeds during outdoor adventures. Featuring spacious interiors, strong construction, and excellent ventilation, these trailers provide a comfortable and secure space for pets during bike rides. With their telescopic folding system, they offer convenience for pet owners on the go. While they all share these essential features, each Croozer model offers their own unique specifications and sizing options to suit various pet needs and preferences.

The Croozer Peppa, for small to medium sized dogs up to 35 kg.

Headroom: 67 cm

Dimensions: 90 L x 72 W x 82 H cm

The Croozer Jokke, for medium to large sized dogs up to 45 kg.

Headroom: 77 cm

Dimensions: 105 L x 86 W x 93 H cm

The Croozer Brunno, for medium to large sized dogs up to 45 kg.

Headroom: 87 cm

Dimensions: 115 L x 86 W x 103 H cm


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Veterinarian approved trailers.

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