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What are airline-approved pet carriers?

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'DEFRA-approved pet carriers must meet specific size requirements to ensure the safety and comfort of pets during travel. While the exact dimensions vary from passenger airline to passenger airline, here are some general guidelines:

Carrier Dimensions: Most approved carriers have dimensions that allow them to fit comfortably under an airliner seat. Each aircraft’s seats differ from one another so you should obtain this information from your chosen airline. However, we took the dimensions of the under-seat spaces from each U.K. based passenger airliner and came up with the average:

Width: 47.89 cm
Height: 34.56 cm
Depth: 20.22 cm

Pet Weight Limit: The weight limit for pets in the cabin typically ranges from 6 kg to 8 kg (approximately 13 lbs to 18 lbs).'

~ An excerpt from our blog post A Guide to Pet Travel in the UK

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