tadazhi is a lifestyle brand born out of love for our four-legged family members and their families.

By challenging the conventional way of thinking about dog accessories, we make them beautiful for both of you. Without compromising on the aesthetics in your home, quality or practicality, we give you a way to give yourself and your four-legged family the very best.

tadazhi use a timeless design in simple geometric shapes applying beautiful muted colours that reference nature. Our design makes all our products visually appealing, evoking the feeling of effortless elegance and tranquility. Our dog beds, duvet dog blankets, and pet carriers are all designed to seamlessly fit into your life and home.

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Tadazhi Rio Dog Carrier Bag
  • Light Brown
  • Warm Grey
  • Dark Sand
  • Rose
Tadazhi Dog Toy Storage Basket
Regular price£49.99
  • Dark Sand
  • Rose
  • Warm Grey
Tadazhi Donut Dog Bed
  • Light Brown
  • Warm Grey
  • Powder Pink
  • Chequered Dark Sand
  • Chequered Rose
Tadazhi Classic Dog Collar
Regular price£49.99
  • Light Brown/Sand
  • Light Brown/Powder
Tadazhi My Dog Collar
Regular price£49.99
  • Faded Blue/Grey
  • Faded Red/ Blue
  • Red Powder
Tadazhi My Dog Lead
Regular price£40.00
  • Powder
  • Faded Blue
  • Red
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