AddBike Carry'Dog Kit | Front Dog Bike Trailer

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AddBike Carry'Dog Kit | Front Dog Bike Trailer

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dog size guide

Carry'Dog: Pet Bike Rides

A completely unique and novel experience for you and your four-legged friend!

Take your dog everywhere with you – it’s easy thanks to a dog kit! Replace the front wheel of your own bike with the AddBike+ to turn it into a compact and dynamic cargo bike. Add this Carry’Dog kit to turn your bike into a dog cargo bike and take your pet with you wherever you go. It only takes a few minutes and it is reversible!

addbike services

Made for dog transport, our Dog Kit was designed to turn your bike into a cargo bike dog carrier. You can now get around daily in an urban city while cycling with your dog, in complete safety and comfort. Suitable for almost all bikes, This front dog trailer is universal (fits to almost any bike) and turns any bike into a dog carrier in a matter of minutes. Easily and comfortably travel with your furry friend everyday!

Made to carry pets up to a capacity of 35 kg.

WARNING: As the Dog Kit has a tilting wheel system, it is not suitable for people who are looking for stability on a bicycle (disabled people, people with reduced mobility, etc.). It allows a very dynamic driving which differs from that of a traditional bicycle. A short time of adaptation is necessary before adopting it completely!

Tips on trying AddBike for the first time

addbike dog bike kit

WARNING: This module has a tilting wheel system we therefore don’t recommend it for people who are looking for a stable bike (if you have balance and/or motor skill problems for example).


Remove your bike’s front wheel and place the fork on the AddBike+ Quick-Fix system. It has a quality braking system which is ready to use: all you have to do is put the brake lever on your bike’s handlebars. Your bike’s original front wheel brake can then be moved or removed in order to have more space, the choice is yours!


The AddBike + is designed to be universal and can be fitted to almost any bike available on the market: whether electric or not, mountain bike or VTC, folding, with a thru axle or 20″ wheels… Thus you can turn any bike into a cargo bike!


Thanks to the tilting wheel system, you will be able to make turns just like on a normal bike: you will keep the fluidity of a normal bike while still having storage capacity. You can also adjust the wheels’ position to improve the ride depending on the how you use it (“empty” / “loaded”) or your riding preferences.


By using the tilt lock lever on your handlebars, the AddBike+ can be kept stable at a standstill. This makes it easier to load and unload the bike and to hop on and off.


The Curve-Assist tilt system can be adjusted to change its level of tilting: if you prefer, it can be reduced which makes the bike less dynamic. This way it can be easier to get used to the product during the discovery phase.

AddBike+ Specifications:

Weight: 13 kg / 66 lbs

Dimensions with Wheels (w x l x h): 70 cm x 77 cm (average length varies depending on wheel position) x 90 cm / 28" x 30" x 35"

Tyre Size: 20 inches

Colour: Black

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes

Rims: Aluminium

Transport Load Capacity: 35 kg / 73 lbs max

Materials: Compact and Steel

Chassis Treatment: Cataphoresis and painting


Carry'Dog Specifications:

Weight: 3 kg / 7 lbs

Available space inside (w x l x h): 45 cm x 55 cm x 70 cm / 18" x 22" x 28"

Structure: Steel

Colour: Grey, black, and white

Lid: Reclosable

Storage capacity: 110L

Transport load capacity: 35 kg / 77 lbs max

Fabric: Waterproof and PVC fabric


Weight alone: 16kg

Weight with cardboard: 20kg

Volumetric weight: 66kg

Dimensions in cm (L x W x H): 75x50x52




The Carry’Dog is a great option for transporting your dog while cycling. Our innovative dog cargo bike solution allows you to ride with your beloved pet safely in tow on the front of your bike, setting it apart from conventional dog trailers. You’ll love to keep an eye on your pet while watching the road!

  •     Shock-Resist: rigid metal frame
  •     See-Me: reflective strips on the sides
  •     Rain-Blocker: water resistant cover
  •     Air-In: ventilation system
  •     Pocket-Pouch: storage space (for its included foldable bowl)
  •     Comfy-Cozy: removable mat for comfort
  •     Leash-Link: leash attachment for your dog’s safety

Having a dog as a pet is a lot of joy in everyday life, but can sometimes be a burden in certain activities. Our cargo bike for dogs is designed for anyone who wants to use a bike instead of a car and bring their pet along for the ride. Indeed, transporting your dog by bike is now possible, both in urban areas and on holiday thanks to the AddBike dog cargo bike. And our cargo bike is perfect for smaller and bigger doggos!

Things you need to be aware of before riding the dog bike

AddBike Dog Bike Trailer - Things To Know - Silver Circle Pets

Riding experience

When riding with the AddBike+, just like a cargo bike, you need to take into account that it isn’t like riding a normal bike, it is actually very different, and it can bring new riding sensations.

Depending on your bicycle skills, you may have to practice for a few minutes or even a few days before getting the hang of it.

Experienced cyclists usually pick it up quickly, but beginners may need more practice. If you lack experience with biking, expect to spend a few days practicing before getting comfortable.

In order to help you get used to the AddBike+, you can adjust the tilting of the Curve-Assist (3 positions) as well as other settings to find the perfect riding options for you.


Agility vs stability

Don’t worry! The bicycle won’t lose its dynamism and agility thanks to our Curve-Assist system. In fact, you can almost ride it just like a normal bike: curve at high speed, carry out tight u-turns or ride out of the saddle…

You would think that adding two front wheels to your bike would make it more stable, like a tricycle. However, given the Curve-Assist technology, riding the AddBike+ requires as much balance and skill as riding a normal bike.

Therefore, if you aren’t comfortable riding a normal bike, or if you have balance and/or motor problems, we don’t recommend the AddBike+.

Is AddBike three wheeled front dog bike trailer solution compatible with your bike?


Probably, but you should refer to the compatability guide for more information . If you don’t have a racing bike (carbon fork, road arch), a BMX bike or a FatBike (tire thickness higher than 2.4 inches), then your bike is compatible with AddBike+.

AddBike Axle Adapter Kits are available to make Carry'Dog fit your bike.

 addbike 2 year warranty

How to fit the AddBike+ and Carry’Dog onto your bike

Can be installed in a few minutes and is reversible!

User Guide available

Carry'Dog Tutorial


Install AddBike+


Installation Guide available


Any further questions, queries, or for compatability assistance please Contact Us



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