Pet Strollers vs Dog Strollers: Understanding the Terminology

Pet Strollers vs Dog Strollers: Understanding the Terminology

Navigating the Pet Stroller Lexicon

If you're a pet parent exploring ways to transport your furry companion, you've likely encountered terms like dog stroller, pet stroller, and pet pram.

However, do these terms truly refer to unique commodities, or are they just different names for the same product? Let's unravel the terminology.


Breaking Down the Terminology

The answer is straightforward: these terms essentially describe the same thing. The second word, “stroller” or “pram,” signifies a carrier with wheels and a handle that can be pushed. The first word, be it dog, cat, reptile, or any other pet, merely specifies the kind of animal said pet strolleraccommodates. Importantly, these modifiers are interchangeable, as most pet strollers can suit various sizes, breeds, and even species of pets.

Whether your animal companion is a delightful dog, curious cat, a bouncing bunny, or indeed a feathered friend; these wheeled carriers are versatile enough to be used for any of the aforementioned applications.

The Binomial Structure

In the realm of linguistics, this naming system echoes what is known as binomial nomenclature. The “head,” or the second term (stroller or pram) ~ noun, denotes the main category, while the “modifier” (dog, pet, etc.) ~ adjective, highlights the kind of animal the carrier is designed for. For example, in the case of “pet stroller,” “pet” acts as the modifier. This binomial system is a linguistic tool, providing clarity and specificity.

Interestingly, these modifiers are interchangeable, emphasizing the versatility of these carriers to accommodate various pet sizes and breeds.


Language Variations: Stroller vs. Pushchair

The word "stroller" predominantly finds its roots in American English, synonymous with a pushchair or buggy. Its usage in British English has been influenced by American culture, gaining popularity in the UK from the 1950s onward. However, even today, "stroller" remains more common in the US, while terms like "pushchair" or "buggy" are preferred in the UK.

Exploring Different Terms for Pet Strollers

The world of pet strollers extends beyond “dog stroller” or “pet stroller.” Various terms like dog pram, dog buggy, pet pushchair, and more are used interchangeably. These variations might differ regionally or culturally, but they essentially describe the same concept.

  • Dog Buggy/Buggie: Informal terms often used interchangeably with "dog stroller."
Interestingly, true to its historical application, the word "buggy" is applied in the pet travel world for use with our smaller pet pals' transportation vehicles.

innopet city buggy - silver circle pets
  • Dog Pram: A classic term, indicating a carrier with wheels for dogs.
However, conversely, the same cannot be said with the application of the word "pram" in the pet world where a pet may sit in their wheeled carrier. In juxtaposition to a pram, where a baby would lie flat on their back and face their parent.

ibiyaya speedy fold dog stroller - silver circle pets
  • Dog Pushchair: A British English variation, akin to a stroller for dogs.
  • Dog Cart: A historical term, highlighting a wheeled conveyance for dogs.
  • Dog Wagon: Emphasizing a wagon-like structure designed for, often larger, canine comfort.
ibiyaya gentle giant dog wagon - silver circle pets
  • Dog Trailer/Dog Bike Trailer: Signifying a trailer-style carrier for dogs; usually convertible into a dog stroller.

doggytourer dog bike trailer snoopy

DoggyTourer Dog Bike Trailer Snoopy

    • Pet Pram: A broad term, emphasizing the general use for various pets.
    • Pet Buggy/Buggie: Generic terms used for small animal carriers with wheels.
    • Pet Pushchair: A universal term for a wheeled transportation for different pets, akin to a pet stroller.
      • Pet Cart: A straightforward term, denoting a cart-like structure for pets.
      • Pet Wagon: Signifying a wagon-style pet carrier.
      • Pet Trailer/Pet Bicycle Trailer: Broadly indicating a trailer designed for various pets; usually convertible into a pet stroller, such as those by DoggyTourer.
      • Pet Jogger: Tailored for active pet owners, signaling a jogger-style stroller.

      All of the above interchangables can also be applied to -

      • Cat Stroller: Defined by us at Silver Circle Pets to be a closed cabin carrier with wheels.
      • Pet Travel System: A transport set up for pets, including features like a carrier, stroller, and a car seat.

        Ibiyaya Travois Tri-Fold Pet Stroller & Travel System

        Whilst it would be advisable to use a closed cabin stroller for cats due their unpradictable nature, that doesn't necessarily mean to say that more open-top options are off-limits. Such as the Ibiyaya Double Decker Pet Bus. Infact, one of our own customers' use cases was this very stroller for the sole purpose of a safe space for her cats - Tuppence and Mr.Bojangles - what super names they are!

        ibiyaya double decker pet stroller

        Some of these wheeled carriers with push handles are given the specific terminology pet stroller for concurrent reasons; the rise in the popularity of the term “stroller”, or to appeal to certain markets; be that regionally or synonymously.

        Although they may have this name, their use could be extended to a variety of pets.


        In essence, whether you search for a dog stroller, pet stroller, or pet pram, you're exploring the same versatile product. The crucial aspect is finding the perfect fit for your pet's needs and comfort. Language variations add an interesting layer, reflecting the influence of culture on terminology.

        Discover a range of innovative pet strollers at Silver Circle Pets, including leading brands like InnoPet, Ibiyaya, and Petique.

        Visualise the workings of a pet stroller in action and picture your pooch hitching a ride.


        This blog post was originally written on 23rd January and updated on 9th February.

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