A Size Guide To Medium Dogs: The Perfect Balance of Size and Personality


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Why Medium Dogs Are the Best Companions for You and Your Family


Medium-sized dogs are the perfect balance of size and personality, making them an ideal addition to any family. They are not too small to get lost in the shuffle, and not too large to take over the house. With their friendly and playful temperament, medium dogs are sure to become loyal and loving companions that bring joy and excitement to your life.

Medium dogs come in a variety of breeds, each with their unique characteristics, so you can find one that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. They are the perfect size for outdoor activities like hiking and running. Whether you're looking for a running partner, snuggle buddy, or family companion, a medium-sized dog has got you covered.

Medium Dog Size Chart: Average Height, Length, and Weight


 Here's a size chart for some of the most popular medium breeds:


Average Length (cm)
Average Height (cm) Average Weight (kg)
Beagle 46-51 33-40 9-11
Border Collie 56-61 48-56 14-20
Boxer 56-63 53-63 25-32
Bulldog 31-40 31-40 18-25
Cocker Spaniel 38-43 36-41 11-14
Springer Spaniel 45-51 46-51 20-25
Shar Pei 46-51 46-51 18-25
Standard Schnauzer 43-51 43-51 14-20
Labrador Retriever 55-62 56-62 25-36
Standard Poodle 66-71 38-61 18-32
Miniature Labradoodle 45-55 35-45 7-16
Whippet 43-53 45-51 11-14
Siberian Husky 51-60 53-60 16-28
Corgi 40-46 25-30 11-15
Shiba Inu 43-51 35-41 7-11
Chow Chow 56-66 46-56 20-32
Bedlington Terrier 38-43 38-43 8-10
Rough Collie 51-66 56-66 20-32
Dalmatian 56-61 53-61 23-27
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 36-41 36-41 11-17
Keeshond 46-56 46-56 14-18
Basset Hound 58-68 33-38 20-29
Australian Cattle Dog 46-51 43-51 16-20


Remember that these are just average measurements, and individual dogs may vary dependent on factors such as: gender, diet, and exercise. It's always important to measure your own dog to ensure a proper fit.

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