Complete Guide: Ibiyaya Dog Strollers & Pet Carriers

Complete Guide: Ibiyaya Dog Strollers & Pet Carriers

Exploring the Range of Ibiyaya Dog Strollers & Pet Carriers


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Ibiyaya dog strollers and carriers! If you and your best buddy love exploring the outdoors or you're in need of a pet stroller or carrier for convenience or to aid adventures together, then you're in the right place. Ibiyaya, a brand closely linked to InnoPet, has established themselves and their products as a brand of trust within the pet world. In this bite-sized guide, we'll provide you with key facts, features, benefits, and the suitability of each stroller, carrier, trolley, or backpack in the range to help you make an informed choice. By the end of this blog, you will know the answer to the question, 'What are the best features of an Ibiyaya stroller and an Ibiyaya carrier?' 
Get ready to discover the perfect solution for your animal companion's adventures!



This range is for our pint-sized pals, the world of small wonders, whether they may be a dog, cat, rabbit, or any other little animal. These pawfect Ibiyaya pushchairs are for those who weigh up to 10 kg.


5-in-1 EVA Pet Stroller-Carrier

5 star coloured cosiness, for your 4-pawed pal, with more than 3 perks, getting you from A-2-B, with 1st-class portability. This is “luxury you can take anywhere”. The innovative Ibiyaya EVA 5-in-1 Stroller-Carrier is remarkable, as shown by the fact it stands apart from the rest in the U.K. to offer so many functions in one package.

ibiyaya 5-in-1 dog travel system - silver circle pets
  • Used as a shoulder bag
  • Shoulder straps for use as a backpack
  • Take it in the car to use as a doggie booster seat
  • Easy to assemble and collapse






Astro Go Lite

Go Lite with Astro—make public travel a breeze. This dog pram quickly and neatly folds up compactly, so no matter where you are, you can hop on a train, bus, or hail a taxi. You and your animal friend can easily manoeuvre through the metropolitan area with the Ibiyaya Astro Go Lite pram thanks to the swivel wheels.

Ibiyaya Astro Go Lite dog stroller - silver circle pets
  • Padded mat included for comfort
  • Zip up canopy allows for puppy naps
  • Available in two stunning colours






Cloud 9

Your canine or kitty companion will feel like they’re floating in the air when they’re riding in the Ibiyaya Cloud 9 dog pram. A fun little stroller that provides bang for your buck. This latest iteration of the Cloud 9 has been more ergonomically designed to provide more comfort for you and your paw-pal.

Ibiyaya Cloud 9 pet travel system - silver circle pets
  • Quick one-hand fold
  • Two fun fashionable designs
  • Sunroof 






Travois Tri-Fold

One of two travel systems in the Ibiyaya range is the Travois Tri-Fold stroller. As the name suggests, this has a 3-way fold, that means you can stow it away compactly. The Travios Tri-Fold Stroller is popular among bunny moms too.

Ibiyaya Cloud 9 pet travel system - silver circle pets
  • Combines aesthetics and comfort
  • Detachable cabin to be used as a car seat or carrier
  • One hand fold 







CLEO Travel System

Rounding off this section of Ibiyaya strollers is the CLEO Buggy Travel System. This fashionable and modern-styled stroller and carrier can hold small to medium animals. CLEO dog stroller is ergonomic and spacious, plus it has plenty of storage too.

Ibiyaya Cleo pet travel system
  • Extra thick removable comfort mat
  • Dual opening cabin
  • Detachable carrier




These Ibiyaya strollers are tailor-made for your not-too-big, not-too-small furry companions, who deserve nothing but the best! If you've got a furry friend who's neither too big nor too small, but just the right size, our medium dog strollers are a must-have. These are for our four-legged friends who weigh up to 20 kg.


Speedy Fold

The Ibiyaya Speedy Fold dog pram is small but practical and surprisingly spacious. Features a one-hand folding mechanism for speedy folding. The most compact pram in the Ibiyaya line up making the Speedy Fold easy to carry as well as store.

ibiyaya speedy fold dog stroller
  • Just ‘9 apples tall’
  • Folds up to fit in the boot of a Mini Cooper
  • Lightweight but robust frame







Double Decker

Twice the fun rolled into one! The Ibiyaya Double Decker dog pram is the only one of its kind in the U.K. to carry multiple fur friends. Why have one dog or cat when you can have two? Now you don’t have to choose between either; with the Double Decker Pet Bus, you can take both on an outing together.

  • Two individual cabins
    ibiyaya double decker pet stroller - silver circle pets
  • Swivel front wheels for easy navigation
  • Lightweight









Released in 2022, the Ibiyaya Retro Luxe is one of the latest luxury strollers made for our furry friends. Stroll along with elegance and class with the Retro Luxe for single or multiple furry friends. A unique, seamless design for your unique canine or feline, the world’s first colour-gradient frame.

ibiyaya retro luxe dog stroller - silver circle pets
  • A cabin that has a 360º view 
  • Zipper-less design 
  • Adjustable handlebar









Big fur buddies need love too! They have a lot of love to give, and this collection of Ibiyaya dog strollers has been specifically made to handle it all. Spacious and sturdy enough to accommodate large, loyal companions weighing over 20 kg.

Grand Cruiser

The latest, greatest, and largest dog wagon by Ibiyaya so far is the four-wheel Ibiyaya Grand Cruiser. Although billed as being 'large', big things come in small packages, and this dog stroller has been made to the specification of being elevator-friendly. A first for the market of pet strollers!

ibiyaya grand cruiser large 4 wheel dog stroller
  • Attachable rear ramp (sold seperately)
  • Lift top canopy that is lockable to prevent it collapsing down
  • Luxurious comfortable interier thamks to POE (Polyolefin elastomer) air fiber cushioning.

Gentle Giant

A name quite fitting for our big bundles of fluff. The Ibiyaya Gentle Giant Pet Wagon features a dual entry system that makes for an easy exit too. Folds down into a space-saving design. Open-top canopy so your furry family member can catch the breeze.

ibiyaya gentle giant dog stroller - silver circle pets
  • 6 swivel wheels for maximum support
  • Friction and stitch tested
  • Two casual colours to pick from







The Beast 

Ibiyaya The Beast dog jogging stroller was launched in the U.K. in 2023 following its success in Taiwan. Now you can both get your exercise, spending more fun bonding times together. No terrain is too tough for The Beast!

ibiyaya the beast dog jogging stroller
  • PU puncture-resistant wheels
  • All-round suspension
  • Water-resistant, breathable canopy 








Pet Carriers

Whether you have a small pup or a furry feline, Ibiyaya has the perfect travel solution for your needs. These carriers are designed with the well-being of your precious cargo in mind, providing them with a safe and cozy space while you embark on your adventures together.


Breathable Dachshund Carrier

For paw-rents in a Dach. Now you don't have to deliberate about leaving your characterful little doxie behind with the Ibiyaya Breathable Dachshund Carrier. This lightweight tote bag is easy to store and was specifically designed for sausage dogs. 

ibiyaya breathable dachshund carrier tote bag
  • Hard-shell bottom 
  • Side pocket
  • Removable pad





Denim Fun Backpack

This lightweight Denim Fun Backpack from Ibiyaya is the ultimate backpack to take your four-legged bestie along for long hikes or trips. It boasts many different features, giving you a lot of bang for your buck! What's more, it can also be switched to a front-wearing carrier. 

ibiyaya denim fun pet backpack
  • Removable hard-shell bottom
  • Breathable mesh panels
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce back strain








Collapsible Traveling Shoulder Pet Carrier

The design of the Collapsible Traveling Shoulder Carrier by Ibiyaya makes it ideal for your short-hop journeys. Although it folds and zips together to become a flat-pack item, it has the qualities of being crack and stress-resistant. 

ibiyaya collapsible travelling shoulder pet carrier


  • Shoulder strap and top handle for lifting
  • Three fun patterns
  • Soft interior





Carry Me Sleeper

Now your small furry friend can sleep anywhere you go with the multi-functional Ibiyaya Carry Me Sleeper. A soft, cosy, plush fleece bed when unzipped; a carrier while you're both on the move. 

  • Side pockets for treats and toys
  • Multiple entry design
  • Adjustable shoulder strap







Hello World

Now your kitten or puppy can say hello and see the world from a different perspective. The patented Ibiyaya Hello World Pet Carrier features maximum ventilation thanks to its polka-dot design.

ibiyaya hello world cat carrier - silver circle pets
  • Two colour choices
  • See-through side panels
  • Made for small dogs or cats






Classic EFA

The tough EVA shell of the Classic EFA Carrier from Ibiyaya ensures safe journeys for your animal companion. When not in use, it simply closes compactly together, making it easy to store.

ibiyaya classic efa pet carrier
  • SGS quality tested
  • Waterproof tested
  • Two variants

Breathable Pet Carrier

Although this looks similar to the Dachshund carrier, this Ibiyaya Breathable Carrier option isn't breed-specific. The hard-shell bottom gives your pooch maximum support.

ibiyaya breathable pet carrier
  • One sided pocket
  • Mesh fabric 
  • EVA bottom


Canvas Tote Bag

The stylish and casual Ibiyaya Canvas Tote Bag comes in two colours and has an array of features to make your journey easy. This flexible bag is hard-wearing and easy to store when not in use. 

ibiyaya canvas pet tote bag - silver circle pets
  • Water-repellent material
  • Large front pocket 
  • Removable soft pad




4-in-1 Trolley

The Ibiyaya 4-in-1 Carrier and Trolley is an extension of the unique 5-in-1 stroller. It has all the functionality of its parent item without the frame. This EVA trolley is water and stress-tested. 

ibiyaya 4-in-1 pet trolley - silver circle pets
  • Airline approved
  • Car booster seat function
  • Travel carrier with wheels





Collapsible Traveling Hand Pet Carrier

This classic design of the Ibiyaya Collapsible Traveling Hand Pet Carrier is super-lightweight and features all the ventilation your pooch, cat, rabbit, or even ferret could ask for in a carrier thanks to the open polka dot sides. The compact design makes traveling with it easy. 

ibiyaya collapsible travelling hand pet carrier - silver circle pets
  • Flat-pack 
  • Padded mat included
  • Two different colours


Two-Tier Pet Backpack

Twice the fun! You can now carry multiple animal companions with the Ibiyaya Two-Tier Backpack and its two separate cabins. Ergonomically designed to reduce back strain. 

ibiyaya two tier pet backpack - silver circle pets
  • Removable divider for a big space
  • Use as a car seat
  • Waist strap



Ibiyaya's wide range of strollers and carriers, tailored to your pet's needs, opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities for you to embark on adventures with your animal family member. Whether you're the explorer type of walker or you and your new puppy or senior canine are taking short trips, Ibiyaya's versatile options are ideal. And, should you ever require them, replacement parts are available to keep you serviced and strolling along. 

The above features are just a summary of what each item has to offer. Behind each link is a world of pawesome benefits ready to elevate your journey together, no matter which breed of animal you have. 

Which Ibiyaya dog stroller or pet carrier is your favourite?


This blog post was originally written on 23rd August 2023 and updated on 10th February 2024

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