InnoPet Dog Strollers and Bike Trailers: Complete Guide

InnoPet Dog Strollers and Bike Trailers: Complete Guide


Exploring the Range of InnoPet Dog Strollers & Dog Bike Trailers


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to InnoPet strollers and bike trailers! If you and your best buddy love exploring the outdoors or you're in need of a stroller or trailer for convenience or cycling journeys together, then you're in the right place. InnoPet has established themselves and their products as a brand of trust within the pet world. In this bite-sized guide, we'll provide you with key facts, features, benefits, and the suitability of each product in the range to help you make an informed choice. By the end of this blog, you’ll know the answer to the question, 'What are the best features of an InnoPet stroller and an InnoPet trailer?'
Get ready to discover the perfect solution for your pet's adventures!




InnoPet® Premium Cozy Pet Stroller


Starting at the top of the tree, brand new in March 2023 is the InnoPet Premium Cozy Pet Stroller. This is the only item in the Premium category of the InnoPet range. As the name Premium Cozy suggests, this is the premium stroller pick of the bunch to give your paw pal the most luxurious ride. Providing the best experience for not only your best friend but you too! As an additional benefit, the Premium Cozy also has its own line of accessories, including a plush, soft, warm cover for an extra layer on those winter wanders.

InnoPet® Premium Cozy Pet Stroller Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

  • Ergonomic hand-stitched push bar made of semi-leather for comfort.
  • Polyurethane lockable tyres for a smooth ride with 360° swivel. Additional pneumatic tyres are available.
  • Available in Black or Beige.
  • Suspension integrates the rear wheels for a comfortable ride. Suspension technology was borrowed from children's prams to ensure safety.
  • Lightweight for ease of use while being strong enough to hold medium-sized animals.
  • Extended warranty: 3 + 2 years!




Dog Bike Trailers

Some of these strollers also double up as a trailer too so you can both enjoy the scenic views and cool summer breeze that a bike ride can bring. Not having to leave your best buddy back at home while you go and enjoy some urban adventures is possible thanks to the truly multi-functional element to some of the InnoPet range.

InnoPet® Hercules 2.0 XL Dog Stroller & Bike Trailer

A leading choice of stroller-come-trailer is the second iteration of the InnoPet Hercules XL. Built with aircraft-grade aluminium, this is a solid choice for multi-functional pet strollers. Designed for all-action urban adventures to absorb any uneven, rugged terrain. As the name suggests, this is made to fit most fur babies, including the big, docile giants.

Innopet® Hercules 2.0 XL Dog Stroller & Trailer with Free Rain Cover Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

  • 3-in-1: a stroller, running buggy, and trailer all in one product.
  • There is ample room for four-legged friends up to a large 50-kilos to sit or lie down.
  • The handlebar height has three settings for better ergonomics.
  • 20" large wheels at the back, complete with suspension


InnoPet® Sporty Evolution V2.0 Dog Pram & Bike Trailer


The process of evolution occurs through the accumulation of small, gradual changes, and that's what brings us to the next multi-functional bike trailer, the InnoPet Sporty Evolution Version 2.0. Ease of access for your buddy with a new lower-to-the ground rear as well as dual entry and exit. The Sporty Evolution stroller and trailer in one provides another versatile option for urban or rural life with your pet.

InnoPet® Sporty Evolution V2.0 with Free Rain Cover Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets
  • 3-in-1: a stroller, a running buggy, and a trailer all in one product.
  • Uprated, rust free wheels, axle and brakes.
  • EVA front tyre, pneumatic 16" back wheels. 
  • Available in Blue or Laté.


InnoPet® Sporty Deluxe Pet Pram & Dog Bike Trailer


The third and last, but by no means least, choice in the multi-functional trailer range is the Sporty Deluxe. The trailer and pet pram in one are made for taking the scenic route, featuring mesh windows and a sunroof for ventilation and enjoying the view. The steel-framed InnoPet Sporty Deluxe features reflecting panels, a visibility flag for safety, and air-filled tires for a smooth ride.

innopet sporty evolution dog trailer - silver circle pets
  • 3-in-1: a pet stroller, a running buggy, and a trailer all in one product.
  • Large 16" rear and an 8" front wheel for maximising off-road routes.
  • Free waterproof cover and inclusive tow bar. 
  • Off-road capable.
  • Available in Grey or Red.




This range has been specially crafted to hold the weight of our friendly fur giants. A chariot awaits your big-pawed, pampered pup after a wander about the park or when you're readying them for adventure post-surgery. Choose a stroller for when there's a lot more fur to love.


InnoPet® Mamut Extra Large Dog Pram


One of two in the range capable of holding our big, bouncing furry besties, the InnoPet Mamut is a great choice for the streets or the park. The multiple entries and low-to-the ground rear entry design of the Mamut mean it takes minimal effort for giant George to enter their new ride, the InnoPet Mamut.

InnoPet® Mamut XL Dog Pram with Free Rain Cover Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

  • Four-wheel suspension for a stable cruise.
  • A free rain cover is included.
  • Lightweight at just 10 kg.
  • 10" rear and 8" front-end wheels, individually.
  • Multiple ventilation and viewing points



InnoPet® Hercules 2.0 XL


The second in the heavy range is one we've already covered above, the InnoPet Hercules. The fact that it appears in another category too is a testament to its versatility and practicality. 



Snug as a bug, our canine companions love comfort, and if this is of utmost importance to you and your fur friend, then this range is for you. We've curated this range especially so you can both choose the most cloud-like ride. What's more, these are designed for city life or rural exploration.


InnoPet® Buggy Comfort EFA ECO Dog Pram V2.0


A new generation of all-round comfort that is an ideal choice for runners and hikers alike thanks to the Buggy Comfort EFA ECO. The large wheel design, coupled with suspension, makes nature trails a breeze. The InnoPet Buggy Comfort EFA ECO 2.0 also features a large storage compartment underneath, meaning you don't need to leave essentials behind or pack an extra bag.


InnoPet® Buggy Comfort EFA ECO Dog Pram V2.0 Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

  • 12" EFA puncture resistant tyres.
  • Integral suspension. 
  • Cosy mattress included. 
  • Made from recycled materials. 
  • Off-road capable

InnoPet® Buggy Comfort AIR Eco


Does your favourite friend want to feel like they're floating on air?
Well, now they can thanks to the next buggy in the comfort range, the InnoPet Buggy Comfort Air Eco. Your pup will feel (it in the) air when riding along thanks to the front-opening canopy. Safety is provided by the metal bar across the front, which can be lowered for convenience
InnoPet® Buggy Comfort AIR Eco Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets
  • 12" air-filled tyres.
  • Cosy mattress included. 
  • Water-resistant fabric. 
  • Spacious interior.
  • One hand folding.
  • Made from recycled materials.



InnoPet® Adventure Dog Pram


Adventure awaits no matter whether you're visiting the park or the beach, sauntering or jogging. The compact design of the InnoPet Adventure means it is easy to maneuver and stable enough for different terrains. A different view of the neighbourhood awaits your four-legged friend with the elevated cabin position of the InnoPet Adventure.

Innopet Adventure dog stroller - silver circle pets
  • 12" EFA tyres, front swivel wheel. 
  • Hind wheel suspension. 
  • Cosy mattress included. 
  • 30 kg capacity.
  • Zip-up compartments for comfort.




City slickers unite. This is the place just for you and the hustle and bustle of the streets. Quick to fold and lightweight, this trio of tremendous chariots is ready to fit in with your busy life. This range is ready to serve you, whether you have planned a quick walk to the shops or a trip to the supermarket. All designed for small to medium-sized pups.


InnoPet® Allure Dog Pram


Style and suitability for the city are made possible with the InnoPet Allure pet stroller and its multi-choice looks in the variants Cheetah and Onyx. Designs inspired by fashion are meant to stand out from the crowd. The Allure model features a safety bar across the front for a more secure feeling for your fur buddy while maintaining its title of being one of the lightest models around.


InnoPet® Allure Dog Pram Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

  • Weighs only 7 kg
  • Convertible front wheel featuring its own shock absorber. 
  • Reversible, comfy mattress included. 
  • EFA tyres.
  • Accessory Tray With Two Cup Holders.
  • Holds furry companions almost up to three times its own weight.




InnoPet® Monaco Dog Pram


Bring style and luxury fit for the city to you and your furry companion with the InnoPet Monaco, their first "Non-Zip Mesh Front Window Stroller". The front canopy can be locked for your pup's naps or rolled back for taking in the scenery. Thinking of the paw parent pushing the buggy, the handle bar height on the InnoPet Monaco is adjustable for better ergonomics.


InnoPet® Monaco Dog Pram With Free Rain Cover Dog Stroller InnoPet Silver Circle Pets

  • Removable storage basket.
  • Reversible, comfy mattress depending on the temperature outside.
  • Ample storage in multiple locations.
  • Weighs just 8 kg.
  • 1-hand folding system.
  • A free rain cover is included.




    Little paws need not giant wheels for their tours. This range is for our small friends so their little legs can take a rest and their small paws can experience the best. Budget friendly buggies for your car boot.


    InnoPet® All Terrain Dog Pram


    A small stroller made for big occasions. Whether you're taking a stroll down the street, mounting curbs, navigating tight turns, or jumping out the door for a jog, the InnoPet All Terrain was made for each occasion.

    InnoPet® All Terrain Dog Pram Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

    • Lightweight at only 6.5 kg.
    • Designed to hold paw pals up to almost double its weight.
    • 8" EFA tyres.
    • Shock absorption on the single wheel.
    • Under carriage storage. 



    InnoPet® City Buggy


    The streets are alive, and the InnoPet City Buggy's four wheels are made to tackle them for your small four legged friend. The InnoPet City Buggy is compact but comfy thanks to its unique dome-like shape. The mesh panels provide a summer breeze while you breeze through the streets.

    InnoPet® City Buggy Dog Pram + Exclusive Free Gift Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

    • 3-point fold system for quick collapse.
    • Removable cushion. 
    • Large interior lying surface (62 cm).
    • Weighs just 5.5 kg.
    • Maximum capacity: 11 kg.
    • Leather-feel push bar. 
    • EFA 5" wheels.

      InnoPet® City Hopper


      What's better than a dog stroller? One that also doubles up as a detachable, safe, and secure seat for the car, train, or bus. Thanks to the City Hopper, this is possible. What's more, this can also be used as a pet carrier. The fastening clips on the side of the InnoPet City Hopper mean you can secure the bassinet with a seat belt. Included with this pet travel system is a shoulder strap to help you carry your beloved bestie.

      Innopet® City Hopper Dog Pram & Travel System Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

      • Weighs just 7.3 kg.
      • Holds small canines.
      • Very compact once folded.
      • EFA 5 and 5.5" wheels
      • Height-adjustable handle bar. 
      • Mesh panels for ventilation.
      • One hand folding.


      InnoPet® Avenue


      Which avenue will you take? The final item in the urban range is the InnoPet Avenue, which comes in a choice of blended grey or red grey, giving you the ideal combination of mobility and style. Your small canine companion will feel secure thanks to the hidden steel bar wrapping around the front. The InnoPet Avenue also features plenty of storage for everyday essentials.InnoPet® Avenue Pet Pram Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

      • Weighs only 6 kg.
      • Front wheel shock absorber and swivel.
      • Comfy, reversible, machine washable mattress. 
      • 6" EFA wheels.
      • Two styles to choose from.
      • Free weather cover. 
      • Folds flat.



      Discussion Questions


      Penultimately, you may still have some frequently asked questions about InnoPet products that are left unanswered. Here, we aim to provide you with the answers you need to make an informed decision. 

      What are EFA wheels? 

      EFA (Expanded Polyurethane Foam) wheels are made of a foam material. They are often used in prams, because they are lightweight, puncture-proof, and low-maintenance. They are also sometimes used in other applications, such as wheelchairs.

      This type of foam is made by expanding small beads of polyurethane until they form a solid mass, making for a strong and lightweight end result. The material is durable and reliable, making it an ideal choice in this use case.

      This technology is featured in the following InnoPet models: Avenue, City Hopper, City Buggy, All Terrain, Urban Eco, Allure, Adventure and Buggy Comfort EFA ECO. 

      Are EVA tyres plastic? 

      EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) materials in tyres are often made from a plastic type material. EVA is a copolymer that is known for its durability, flexibility, and lightweight properties. It is commonly used in various products such as footwear, sports equipment, and, on some occasions, tyres. This material is a popular choice for manufacturers of children's bicycles, pet strollers, and other lightweight recreational equipment. This is preferred because of the material's ability to provide cushioning, traction, and resistance to punctures while remaining lightweight.

      Found in the Sporty Evolution V2.0.

      PU, also known as polyurethane, is made from polyurethane material, a synthetic polymer that offers excellent mechanical properties such as high durability, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. This technology is commonly used in various applications that require smooth rolling, shock absorption, and resistance to wear and tear.

      Examples of this can be found in products such as skateboards, rollerblades, office chairs, luggage, trolleys, and industrial equipment. They are favoured for their ability to provide good traction, reduce vibrations, and offer a quiet and smooth rolling experience. PU is also available in different sizes and hardness levels, allowing for customization based on specific needs and preferences.

      The InnoPet® Premium Cozy uses this technology.

      Replacement parts are available for each of strollers and trailers. 


      As you can see, InnoPet, has a wide selection of options to suit your and your pet's needs, lifestyle, and budget. From the active family bike ride to an easy Sunday stroll to the park packed up with your favourite treats for you and your paw-pal. Whether you're looking for premium, luxury, practicality, or multi-functionality - you're covered by InnoPet. Embark on unforgettable adventures with your furry family member in a trailer or stroller they will love you for. 

      It is important to note that all of the points raised in this blog only scratches the surface of all the wonderful features of InnoPet strollers or trailers. Each link holds a whole host of benefits waiting to be discovered. Finally, another scenario where these pet prams shine is that they aren't exclusive to dogs but are also popular among cat owners too.

      Which InnoPet stroller or bike trailer is your favourite?


      This blog post was originally written on 17/08/2023 and updated on 04/06/2024

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