5 Advantages of Using a Pet Carrier

5 Advantages of Using a Pet Carrier

Travelling With Your Pets Has Now Become Super Easy!



Pet owners always want to ensure the safety and comfort of their four-legged friends, and there are a variety of pet carriers available on the market to help you with this that offer numerous benefits.


Comfort for your Pet

1. A pet carrier offers comfort for your pet when travelling. This being just one of the advantages they offer. The carriers are designed to make your furry friend feel safe and secure, with features such as a hard shell bottom which gives your dog, cat, rabbit or other animal a stable base to sit, stand or lay. It is, naturally, important to consider the free flow of air in the design of your chosen backpack, carrier or trolley. Some feature mesh or breathable fabrics for ventilation, whereas others are of a more open design to keep your pet cool and comfortable on hot or warmer days. Plush, soft, padded, and sometimes faux-fur, interior linings and removable mats provide a comfortable resting place, which can help reduce anxiety during travel. 

Protection and Durability 

 The second advantage offered by best-in-class pet carriers is the protection they provide. Depending on the material your backpack or carrier is made from and the type you choose, it may be Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) tested. As stress cracking is one of the most common fragilities to plastic, this test stands to ensure the sturdy construction is safe and secure for your animal friend while travelling. World-leading SGS Quality testing is also another certification that keeping your pet safe from potential harm. This quality control includes Coating Inspection, Factory, Laboratory and Visual testing. Some pet carriers are also water and scratch-resistant to ensure that they remain in good condition, no matter where you and your pet go. 


Convenient Travel

3. The third advantage of using a pet carrier is the convenience it provides. Carriers often come equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and carry handles, this allows for secure and comfortable carrying. Some pet carriers are also ergonomically designed to evenly distribute the weight of your backpack buddy, thus minimising the strain on your body and more importantly, your spine. This makes them ideal for longer journeys, adventures, camping trips or perhaps a walk to a vets appointment. Alternatively, you could opt for a wheeled pet trolley, providing ease of transportation and are often more spacious and therefore more comfortable for your four-legged friend. Multiple pockets offer easy storage of treats, toys, and other essential items. Furthermore, the carriers are designed to be airline  and sea-travel approved. Allowing your pet to go with you wherever you go.


Stylish and Fashionable 

4. The fourth advantage is styling and design. Pet carriers are made from a range of stylish and on-trend materials such as tweed, cotton, faux-leather or fur, canvas or denim. Vegan-friendly leather offers a sleek, luxurious and sophisticated appearance - designs are often chic and catwalk inspired. Tweed, found in premium pet carriers, offers a touch of elegance with classic patterns and textures, such as herringbone or checked designs. Cotton pet carriers have a minimalist appearance, offering solid colours or simple patterns. Faux-fur is usually found in luxury pet carriers which creates a warm and inviting space for your animal friend. Canvas is usually neutral in tone, a rugged option that is ready to go where your adventures take you. Denim is versatile as it can be paired with other materials to create any kind of look. No matter which type you opt for, you are sure to find the perfect match for your outfit and you and your pet’s personality.

Ibiyaya Hello World Pet Carrier


5. The fifth advantage of a pet carrier is the affordability of the them. Affordability is a significant advantage when it comes to pet carriers, many of them offer great value for money. The good news is that there are pet carriers to suit various budgets, making owning one accessible for pawrents with different budgets. You will be pleased to know that price does not equate to how safe a pet carrier may be, nor does it reflect the quality of the product. The price reflects the size, how many features it has, which materials it is made from and the position in the market that the brand places itself in. 

Bonus: The Ibiyaya® Two-Tier Pet Backpack 

This pet carrier even doubles up (or should that be triple since it is already a 2-in-1 backpack?) as a car seat for a trip to the vets, or to see family and friends, or perhaps a nice summers trip to the beach. 

Innopet Two-Tier Backpack

Discussion Questions

Do cat backpacks stress cats? 

Studdies shows that cats can indeed become used to being in a pet carrier. ‘Training proved to be effective in reducing stress’. To ensure your cat has a pleasant experience whilst using a backpack or carrier, it is important to introduce it gradually. Place the carrier on the floor to allow your cat to take a look and sniff around it at their own free will. You can then introduce treats to associate this with your cats favourite snack.   

How do I choose a travel carrier for my dog? 

Choosing the size is the most important aspect of buying a pet carrier, backpack or trolley. To ensure they are happy and comfortable when travelling, choose one which is large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down.

To find the right size, measure from the back of your pet's neck to the base of their tail, don’t forget to add a few inches wiggle room for a comfortable fit. You should also measure your pet's shoulder height from the top of their shoulders to the ground.

 How long can a dog be in a pet carrier? 

As a general rule of thumb, it is safe for your animal friend to travel for a total of 6 to 8 hours. However, it is paramount to allow your pet to take regular exercise and toilet breaks and check on them periodically to make sure they're okay. If your pet seems to be getting restless or uncomfortable, you may need to allow them take a longer break.

Do cats like being in a backpack? 

Whether or not cats become stressed or enjoy being in backpacks depends on a number of factors, which includes the cat's temperament and  the backpack's design, and how you introduce your feline friend to the carrier. Some may enjoy the novelty of being carried around, while others may find it stressful or uncomfortable. 


In conclusion, a pet carrier offers a number of advantages for all pet owners. The carriers provide comfort, protection and convenience, leading to a stress-free journey with your pet. With the many features and styles offered by a number of brands, you are sure to find the perfect carrier for you and your pet.

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