The InnoPet Allure: Redefining Pet Walking with Style and Innovation

The InnoPet Allure: Redefining Pet Walking with Style and Innovation

Kerb Appeal For The Cultured Canine

Stroll into the city in style with your discerning dog, turn heads, and collect compliments. Designed to meet the height of fashion for your furry friend, with the InnoPet Allure pet stroller you're sure to be the talk of the town. If you love taking your dog everywhere with you but get tired of carrying them for long periods, a stroller is a great solution. No matter the trip, to the park, to the market, or to the café - your beloved best buddy will love the fact that they can now come along for the journey. 

Packed with Premium Features

The InnoPet Allure dog pram is designed to make a statement but also made to cater to you and your pet's needs.
Which of the two styles would suit your animal friend?
The timeless, elegant swirl pattern of the Onyx is inspired by the architecture of the city and represents your flow in motion.

innopet allure dog stroller

Perhaps you'd both prefer to stand out from the crowd with a more eye-catching, vibrant pattern? Take a walk on the wild side with the bold Cheetah print. Bright and contrasting, this visually stimulating print is sure to captivate your pooch.

InnoPet Allure dog buggy - Cheetah

Ideal for the paved streets of the city, the shock absorber in the front wheel ensures a smooth ride. To make navigating lengthy paths or uneven terrain easier, the direction of the front wheel can also be locked.
Both variants come with a matching, machine-washable plush mattress to increase comfort in the roomy, water-resistant cabin.
Weighing just 7 kg, the Allure is one of the lightest models on the market, making folding flat and unfolding with one hand a breeze.
Although it is lightweight, it can hold animals up to 20 kg. This pet pram is also popular among cat owners too.
innopet allure cat stroller review


Your canine or feline friends will be and will feel safe and secure in the InnoPet Allure buggy because of the strengthened, concealed front steel bar and two safety leads that are attached inside. As will be your belongings thanks to the zip-up storage pocket. The two cup holders in the accessory tray allow you to take your coffee on your travels for paw-rents on the go.

Strengthening the Bond

Although the dog stroller is an excellent choice for mobility, it also aids in bringing an even closer bond between parent and pooch. If the streets are too hot for paws, your four-legged pal is recovering from surgery, or they can't walk as far as they once could and mobility is reduced. You can still venture out for a stroll socializing and taking in the nature surroundings.


innopet allure dog stroller review


In conclusion, the InnoPet Buggy Allure for fashion-forward paw-rents offers a brilliant pricing point without sacrificing either functionality or safety features. This premium option is for people who want to bring their small to medium dogs or cats along on outdoor activities and adventures without having to carry them the entire time. Although it is predominantly built for use in the urban landscape, it can handle uneven terrain while still providing a smooth ride. The push bar is high for better ergonomics so you can all stroll along in comfort. 

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