Cat Stroller vs. Cat Carrier: What's Best For Your Cat

Cat Stroller vs. Cat Carrier: What's Best For Your Cat

Curiosity That Calms The Cat

Choosing between a cat stroller and a cat carrier is no easy feat. Both serve distinct purposes, offering unique benefits and drawbacks. In this guide, we'll compare the suitability of these two essential cat accessories, aiding you in making the best decision for your feline friend.

Most Asked Questions:

Are cat strollers safe for cats?

Absolutely. Cat strollers provide a secure and comfortable environment, allowing your cat to enjoy the outdoors without exposure to potential dangers. They come with built-in restraints to keep your curious companion safe.

Can I take a cat stroller on a plane?

While cat strollers are perfect for outdoor adventures, they might not be the best choice for air travel. Opt for a cat carrier designed to fit under the seat for a seamless and stress-free journey.

Are cat strollers good for old cats?

Indeed. Cat strollers are excellent for senior cats who might not have the stamina for prolonged solo explorations. It offers a cosy space for them to enjoy the fresh air without overexertion.

Can two cats fit in a cat stroller?

Depending on the stroller's size, it's possible to accommodate two cats comfortably. Ensure they get along well and have enough space to avoid tension during the ride.

Uses and Benefits:

Strollers allow cats to comfortably observe surroundings during walks, get fresh air/exercise. Better for long excursions.

Cat strollers transform routine journeys into exciting adventures. With mesh screens providing panoramic views, your cat can revel in the sights and sounds of the outdoors while enjoying the security of an enclosed space. Strollers are particularly beneficial for longer outings, where your feline companion can rest and observe at their own pace.

Carriers are secure enclosed spaces ideal for vet visits, travel. Better for quick trips.

Cat carriers, on the other hand, are the go-to choice for short trips and essential visits. They provide a secure, enclosed space that helps reduce stress during vet visits or short travels. Ideal for situations where quick containment and control are necessary.
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Features and Construction:

Strollers have mesh screens and restraints. Offer more space.

Cat strollers are designed with openness in mind. The mesh screens ensure proper ventilation and unobstructed views for your cat. The added restraints guarantee your cat stays secure, preventing any unexpected escapes. The spacious interior allows your cat to move around comfortably.

Carriers fully enclosed and smaller. Some are airline approved for underseat storage.

Cat carriers prioritise containment and compactness. Fully enclosed, they provide a snug and secure environment, especially suitable for situations where limited space is crucial, such as air travel. Some carriers are specifically approved for underseat storage on planes.

Comfort and Accessibility:

Strollers have flat beds, storage for toys/treats. More comfortable.

Cat strollers offer a flat and comfortable bed for your cat to lounge on during the journey. Many models come with additional storage, allowing you to bring along toys, treats, and other essentials to keep your cat entertained.

Carriers simpler, but can add pads.

Cat carriers, while simpler, can be customised for added comfort. They usually come with a soft pad inside for a cosy retreat. Consider using calming aids like pheromone
sprays to alleviate anxiety during the journey.

Safety and Supervision:

Both require restraints and close supervision to prevent escapes.

Whether opting for a stroller or carrier, close supervision and proper restraints are crucial. Cats can be unexpectedly agile, and secure confinement ensures their safety and prevents any daring escapes.

Strollers offer more control and containment.

Strollers provide a higher level of control, especially in crowded or unfamiliar environments. The enclosed space allows you to manage your cat's interactions and reactions more effectively.

If you prefer cat carriers, be sure to choose products with the following safety features:

1. Breathable Mesh:

  • Allows your cat to have enough fresh air inside the carrier.

2. Built-in safety buckle clips:

  • Can be attached to your cat’s harness or collar for extra security.

3. Sturdy Base:

  • Provides good support for your cat’s legs.

Many cat owners prefer front-backpack pet carrier, which allows them to keep their cat in sight at all times.

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Price and Other Factors:

Strollers bulkier and more expensive. Carriers more portable.

Cat strollers, with their larger size and additional features, often come at a higher price point. Consider your budget and the intended use — strollers for leisurely walks, carriers for portability.

Consider cat personality/health when selecting.

Every cat is unique. Consider your cat's personality, health, and individual preferences when making your choice. A more adventurous cat might enjoy the openness of some times of carriers, while a shy or older cat might prefer the closed cosiness of a stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best cat strollers?

Generally speaking, the best type of cat strollers are ones with a closed cabin. This keeps your cat safe and secure, which in turn makes your cat feel safe. This also prevents your feline friend from making a leap out of the stroller.

Are cat strollers worth it?

Absolutely. The joy and enrichment cat strollers bring to your cat's life make them a worthwhile investment, especially if your indoors cat enjoys the fresh air and scenery of the outdoors.

Can I jog with a cat stroller?

Certainly. Many cat strollers are designed for active lifestyles, offering a smooth and secure ride for your cat while you enjoy your jog. Always ensure a gradual introduction to jogging to gauge your cat's comfort.

Durability and Design:

Durability varies, but strollers built to withstand outdoor elements. Carriers more compact but sturdy.

When assessing durability, cat strollers generally excel in withstanding outdoor elements. They are crafted with materials designed to endure varying weather conditions. Carriers, while more compact, are often built with sturdy materials that ensure longevity.

Design considerations - strollers for style, carriers for practicality.

Strollers often boast stylish designs, making them a fashionable accessory during your outdoor excursions. On the other hand, carriers prioritise practicality and functionality, focusing on providing a secure and comfortable space for your cat.


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Additional Considerations:

Foldability and storage - strollers may require more space.

Consider storage space when choosing between a cat stroller and a carrier. Strollers, while offering convenience during use, may require more storage space due to their bulkier nature. Carriers, with their compact design, are easier to store when not in use.

Ease of cleaning - both should be easy to clean.

Maintaining cleanliness is essential. Look for features that make cleaning hassle-free, such as removable and washable pads or easily wipeable surfaces. Both strollers and carriers should offer convenience in this regard.

Weight capacity - strollers designed for heavier loads.

If you have a larger or heavier cat, pay attention to the weight capacity of the chosen cat stroller. However, pet strollers are usually designed to accommodate more substantial loads, ensuring stability and safety during use.


Maintenance Tips and Customer Reviews:


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Regular cleaning and maintenance essential for longevity.

To ensure the longevity of your chosen accessory, prioritise regular cleaning and maintenance. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning, and perform routine checks to identify any wear and tear.

Common Queries:

Can I use a cat stroller for my elderly cat?

Yes, cat strollers provide a comfortable and secure space for elderly cats to enjoy the outdoors without physical strain.

Are cat carriers suitable for air travel?

Some cat carriers are specifically designed and approved for air travel, providing a safe and compact space for your cat during flights.

How do I introduce my cat to a stroller or carrier?

Gradual introductions, positive reinforcement, and associating the accessory with positive experiences can help your cat feel comfortable and at ease.


Cat stroller vs Cat pram - what’s the difference?

Cat Buggy/Buggie: Informal terms often used interchangeably with “cat stroller.”
Cat Pram: A classic term, indicating a carrier with wheels for cats.
Cat Pushchair: A British English variation, akin to a stroller for cats.
Cat Cart: A historical term, highlighting a wheeled conveyance for cats.
Cat Wagon: Emphasizing a wagon-like structure designed for, often larger, feline comfort.


Although different regions use different terminology for a “cat stroller”, “cat pram” or “cat pushchair”, essentially they are the same thing: a wheeled conveyance designed for safely transporting cats during walks, trips to the vet, or other outings. These devices provide comfort and security for the cat while allowing owners to easily manage their pet’s transportation.



In this guide, we've explored the nuances between cat strollers and carriers, delving into their uses, features, and considerations. As you embark on the journey of selecting the purrr-fect accessory for your cat, keep in mind the unique needs and preferences of your feline friend.

Choosing between a cat stroller and a cat carrier involves weighing various factors, from your cat's temperament to your lifestyle and storage capabilities. Both options offer distinct benefits, and the ultimate decision should align with your cat's comfort and your preferences.



This blog was originally written on October 5th 2023 and updated on June 2nd 2024.

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