Is The New Ibiyaya The Beast Jogging Stroller Right for Your Dog?

Is The New Ibiyaya The Beast Jogging Stroller Right for Your Dog?

Taming the Beast: Smooth Jogging Ahead


If you love jogging and you want to take your dog with you, you might be interested in the new Ibiyaya The Beast Dog Jogging Stroller. Perhaps you're a keen runner already, but you'd like to take your fitness excursions four steps furr-ther? Well, now there's a dog stroller to match your ambitions with your canicross companion.

The new for 2023 Ibiyaya The Beast is a 3-wheel all-terrain pet stroller that promises to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for your furry friend on various surfaces. But is it right for your dog? In this blog post, we will provide some key specs, features, and considerations of this specific model to help you decide if it fits your needs.


ibiyaya the beast dog jogging stroller - silver circle pets


Key Specs:


- Stroller dimensions: L117 W69 H107 (cm); L46 W27 W42 (in)

- Folded dimensions: L69 W47 H85 (cm); L27 W18.5 H33.5 (in)

- Cabin dimensions: L67 W35 H56 (cm); L26 W14 H22 (in)

- Weight: 11.7kg; 25.6lbs

- Maximum loading: 25kg; 55lbs

- Recommended pet size: Medium to large dogs (or cats)

- SGS Certified



- Suspension on all wheels for a smooth ride on rough roads

- Anti-flat PU rubber wheels that don't need pumping up

- Zipperless design for easy locking and unlocking of the canopy

- Front and rear openings for easy access and exit of your pet

- Two safety tethers to secure your pet inside the stroller

- Large mesh windows for ventilation and panoramic view

- Water-repellent and stain-resistant mesh fabric

- Quick and easy folding system for storage and transport

- Stylish design that reduces wind resistance

- 360-degree rotating front wheel for easy maneuverability

- One-button double brakes for safety and stability

- Rear mesh storage pocket and hard-bottom storage basket for your belongings

 ibiyaya the beast dog joggin stroller - silver circle pets


What To Consider?


The Terrain You Run On


The type of terrain you plan to cover is another important factor as you decide if the Ibiyaya Beast fits your needs. This rugged jogger is built to provide stability and absorb shocks on rougher surfaces like trails, grass, hills and uneven paths. With its large foam-filled tires and suspension system, it can smoothly handle these off-road conditions while keeping your dog comfortable. However, if you plan to stick primarily to strolling in your neighbourhood or park on flat paved surfaces, the Beast may be overkill. For those seeking a more portable and affordable option for small dogs or casual walks, alternative models in our City Dog Strollers Collection may suit your urban terrain better. Think about the types of ground you want to cover regularly when choosing between the Ibiyaya Beast or another pet stroller for your lifestyle.



Is This Premium Dog Jogger Right for You?


If you want a high-performance jogging stroller built to handle daily running over any terrain with dogs up to 55 lbs (25 kg), the rugged Ibiyaya Beast is up for the job. Active pet owners who enjoy bringing their large or giant breeds along on adventures will appreciate the responsive foam tyres, adjustable suspension, and durable aluminum frame. For those seeking a more portable and affordable option for small dogs or casual walks, alternative models may suit you better. Take time to consider your needs and your dog’s size and activity level. With its stable build quality and mileage-ready durability, the Ibiyaya Beast can be the perfect exercise companion for years of happy jogs with your furry best friend.


The Size of Your Dog


Choosing a dog stroller with the appropriate interior dimensions for your dog's size is key for their comfort and safety whilst out on your runs. Check the dimensions of the Ibiyaya Beast interior length, width, and height against your dog's measurements when seated. Your dog should have 3-4 inches of space above their head when seated upright in the stroller. As a general guideline:

  • Small dogs up to 15 lbs (6.8 kg) - strollers with 22-26” length
  • Medium dogs 15 - 40 lbs (6.8 - 18 kg) – 26-30” length
  • Large dogs 40 - 90 lbs (18 - 40 kg) – 30-36” length
  • Giant breeds over 90 lbs (40+ kg) – 36”+ length

If your dog is just a small friend then The Beast may not be the option for you as there may be excess space inside the cabin. This could potentially lead to your dog experiencing undue movement or instability within the cabin while you're jogging or running across various terrains.

Conversely, should your dog be too big for the inner dimensions of the pet stroller cabin, it may result in a confined and uncomfortable interior. This lack of adequate space could hinder your dog's ability to move freely and enjoyably within the cabin, particularly during jogging or running on various terrains with the Ibiyaya Beast. Ensuring that your dog fits comfortably without excessive tightness is crucial for their safety and comfort.


What are PU Wheels?


PU wheels refer to stroller wheels made from polyurethane foam. Unlike air-filled rubber tyres, PU wheels are solid one-piece wheels injected with foam padding and materials. The polyurethane foam core provides cushioning and shock absorption as you push the dog stroller and rolls smoothly. PU wheels require no inflation like pneumatic tyres, thus meaning they are puncture-proof. They strike a balance between providing a comfortable ride and requiring less maintenance than air-filled options. Polyurethane is a popular choice on strollers for pets and children, allowing you to roll easily over varied terrain without dealing with flat tyres.


What is SGS Certified?


For a product to be SGS certified means it has undergone rigorous evaluations by SGS technical experts and met standards for:

  • Durability testing - Assesses strength and lifespan of materials like frames and fabrics
  • Performance testing - Evaluates maneuverability, weight capacity, brake efficacy, etc.
  • Safety testing - Checks for hazards from paraphenalia, sharp edges, structural integrity
  • Quality inspections - Verifies consistent manufacturing as per advertised specs
  • Chemical testing - Confirms use of non-toxic materials safe for pets
  • Sustainability audits - Checks for responsible sourcing and environmental impact

Only products that pass SGS assessments across all these criteria can receive official SGS certification.




Finding the ideal jogging stroller for your active pup requires carefully weighing factors like size, terrain, features, and budget. While the Ibiyaya The Beast is equipped for off-road adventures with its durable build and rugged PU tires, the premium price tag and bulkier handling may make more compact strollers better suited for casual strolling.

Take the time to match the stroller's capabilities to your dog’s needs and your own lifestyle. For medium to large breeds and avid runners hitting the trails, the Ibiyaya Beast offers mileage-ready performance. But you can also find lighter, smoother-rolling options for neighborhood saunters. Whether you desire an all-terrain tank or a nimble sidewalk companion, choosing the jogger that fits your dog’s size, energy level, and your walking style ensures many happy years of healthy adventures together.

Unleash the Ibiyaya Beast and Elevate Your Dog's Running Experience Today!

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