How to Secure Your Dog in a Pet Stroller?

How to Secure Your Dog in a Pet Stroller?

Pet Stroller Safety


Pet strollers offer a fantastic way to include your animal friend in your outdoor adventures while keeping them safe and comfortable. However, ensuring your pet is securely strapped in is crucial to preventing any mishaps during your stroll. In this blog post we will discuss 'How do you secure a dog in a pet stroller?'.

Use the Safety Leashes

One of the key features of pet strollers, such as the popular Ibiyaya and InnoPet ranges, is the inclusion of safety leashes. These leashes come with clasps that secure your dog within the carriage. Mimicking the use of a vehicle seat belt, adjust the straps snugly around your dog. Experts recommend your pet wear a harness rather than, or in addition to, a collar. By attaching the clasps to a harness rather than a collar, this prevents putting pressure on your dog's neck, especially for excited pups prone to jumping out.

The below image of the mattress included in the Ibiyaya Cloud 9 shows how safety leashes are situated and secured to your pet stroller. As well as this model's type of clasps that attach to your pet's harness and collar.

Add Protective Padding

Enhance your dog's comfort and safety by adding cushioned bedding or a soft doggie mattress to the stroller. While many pet strollers come with thick padding, models without linings benefit from additional comfort. Consider options like the InnoPet Velvet Fleece Mattress designed for dog prams, ensuring a secure fit within the stroller's dimensions.

innopet premium cozy mattress
InnoPet Premium Cozy Velvet Fleece Mattress is now available in seven colours.

Monitor Your Dog

While safety restraints and added padding are essential, constant monitoring of your dog during the stroll is equally important. Ensure you maintain full visibility of your furry companion and regularly check the status of their harness to prevent any escape attempts. If your dog seems anxious or overheated, take a break in the shade to provide relief.


Securing your dog in a pet stroller is a straightforward process that significantly contributes to their safety and enjoyment. A properly fitted harness, safety leash(es), comfortable bedding, and vigilant monitoring offer a comprehensive approach to protecting your pup during your outdoor excursions. Now, armed with these tips, go out and explore the world together with your four-legged friend!

In order to see safety leashes in use, check out our video on the Ibiyaya The Beast pet jogging stroller.
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This blog post was originally written on 30/11/2023 and updated on 04/06/2024


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