Why Would You Need a Dog Stroller?

Why Would You Need a Dog Stroller?

Reasons Why People Use Pet Strollers

Updated - December 2023

There are many reasons why you might need a dog pushchair or pet pram. Health reasons, convenience, age-limiting, and all the attention your dog craves will be met when passersby are pleasantly surprised by your novel idea of purchasing a pet pushchair.

In this blog post, we break down some of the best reasons for people to need a dog stroller.


Who's the New Pup on the Block?

It's an exciting time when you welcome a puppy, and we know you just can't wait to show them off and show them your local neighbourhood.

This is where a pet stroller could be ideal if you want to get your new furry family member acclimatised to its new surroundings.
There's a long time between their first vaccinations and their last.
This time could be well spent introducing your dog to its new world by taking them for a ride in their new dog pushchair, especially if they're nervous.

Rescue Dog

As we mentioned above, you’ve got a new dog and want to show them their new neighbourhood. Of course, they’re going to need a lengthy settling-in process as everything is new to them. You also want to show them the world. They will, understandably, be rather nervous in that initial period of the next several days, weeks, or even months. An excellent idea is to get them a comfy new dog stroller so they feel secure and can take in their new surroundings at their own leisure.

Is a Dog Stroller Good for Anxious Dogs?

Yes, although it is important to socialise your pup, dog strollers provide an enclosed, secure space for anxious or nervous dogs when out in public areas that may be stressful or overstimulating. They won’t be on the ground exposed to triggering their nervous disposition by bumping into the next dog and owner who unexpectedly walked around the corner. With a dog stroller, you and your new furry family addition will be safe in the knowledge they are secure and can socialise as and when they please.

Never Leave a Good Boy (or Girl) Behind!

Senior dogs no longer need to be left behind. So, the rest of the family is headed for a fun day out, and you know it's a dog-friendly area but you're conflicted by your mature dog (sometimes referred to as “settled”) and the fact that they're not so capable of long walks anymore. Lots of dog owners and their furry friend love a leisurely summer day out along the beach but perhaps the intended walk is too long for your elderly side?

Well, now you can load up your car with your dog stroller and your beloved furry family member. Once you reach your destination, they can walk at their own pace and take a rest in their dog stroller when needed.

This allows you to keep moving, and best of all, you don’t have to watch the clock worrying about how long you've left them at home alone for!


Hip Dysplasia 

A dog stroller can be an ideal solution if your animal friend has or is developing signs of hip and elbow dysplasia. With the use of a dog stroller, you can still take your dog to the local field without adding any extra strain to your dog's ailments.
When they need a break, you can simply use the stroller as a safe haven until they're ready for another wander. Hip & elbow dysplasia an extremely debilitating disorder affecting many breeds of dogs and is caused by a structural deformity of the hips or elbows, which exacerbates when strain is placed on them, leading to pain and lameness. Hip dysplasia, if left untreated, can lead to severe cartilage degeneration over time, which can cause debilitating arthritis.

Little Legs, Big Adventures

For our small furry friends with their adorable little legs, the desire for big adventures is undeniable. Picture this: your pint-sized canine companion loves the idea of a park outing, but the distance is a challenge for those tiny legs. By the time they reach the park, they're ready to head straight back home. The round trip—walk to the park, play, and then walk back—is a bit too much for our petite pals. That's where the magic of a dog stroller comes in, offering a perfect solution for your small dog's boundless spirit and limited walking capacity.

No Excuse not to Exercise

That's right, we're cutting off one more excuse for you not to exercise. We're all guilty of thinking of excuses for it, and now, with the use of all-terrain dog buggies, such as the multi-functional Innopet Sporty Deluxe, you can take them along for the journey with you.

Innopet Sporty Deluxe Infographic

Whether you're going off road or a mix of footpath, trail and beach, the InnoPet Sporty Deluxe is just the dog buggy for you. 

Maybe Cycling is More Your Thing?

Well, wouldn't it be great to share your pit stops for refreshments with your furry family member?

With our range of dog trailers then the dream can become a reality.

The Croozer dog trailer offers two weight options, so you can make sure you have the correct one to carry your big best friend.

Croozer is proud to present that their trailers have a low loading level and are vet-approved, so you've got no need to take a trip to the vets or pay them a visit to get their approval.

The Croozer Peppa - one of the best dog trailers money can buy for your precious pooch.
Croozer Peppa Dog Trailer

Injured or Paralyzed Dogs

All dogs need fresh air, and they love nature and being out and about. If your four-legged best friend is injured, but you still want to get them out for a change of scenery and to break boredom, then a dog stroller can be just the answer you're looking for! Although most pet strollers offer easy loading, the caveat is that you should consult your vet first to ensure getting your dog in and out of the stroller isn't going to be too strenuous.

Moving Home?

A dog stroller, trolley, or breathable pet carrier can be very useful for the busy and stressful time of moving home.

Cat Owner 

Are Pet Strollers Good for Cats?

Yes, if you’re a cat owner, then pet strollers can be useful to you too. Pet strollers allow cats to experience the outdoors while staying safe and secure. They are good for older cats or those with medical conditions.

If you have cats that need to be kept around the home for some weeks before you allow them to explore their new neighbourhood then the use of a secure cat stroller is ideal for the big day of moving. There is no need to stress about their whereabouts.

 ibiyaya double decker dog and cat stroller - silver circle pets


Similar to the reason we've mentioned above. If your dog is immobile, but due to surgery, they would probably still like to get out of the house and get some fresh air, a change of scenery, and some mental stimulation.
A pet stroller can be just the tool you need to assist with the surgery recovery while you ease them back into walking.

Little and Large?

Maybe you have two dogs, one big and one small. The bigger dog has bags of energy, but the little one can't quite keep up and runs out of steam halfway through your intended outing?
The same can be said if you have one dog who is getting old and another who is still in their prime. The younger pup loves nothing more than to run about with other dogs while the older canine companion does their own thing, sniffing around the park.
The Ibiyaya Double Decker Dog Stroller is the perfect solution for this.

Ibiyaya Double Decker
a lady pushing her two dogs in the ibiyaya double decker

Vets Visits

Maybe you're lucky enough to live within walking distance of the vets, but you'd rather take the scenic route. A dog stroller is just the thing for you. You and your dog can get that hit of dopamine by taking the longer route, and your dog can mix up your walk to the vets by stopping and sniffing when they want and strolling when they're ready. A dog buggy is particularly useful for dogs with Emphysema or Heart Worm. 

Pet Shows

So you'd like to visit a gathering but don't want to leave your dog behind?
Or you'd like to go to the pet show because you're certain that your best friend can win the Golden Oldie category again this year, and you'd like to visit other stalls and friends at the pet show, but your trusty sidekick is happy with a shorter outing before they'd like to rest their legs.
Ibiyaya retro luxe dog stroller

Discussion Questions

Are dog strollers allowed in stores?

Many stores allow dog strollers, but policies vary by store. Some UK stores, like John Lewis, allow dog strollers, while Tesco only allows service dogs. It's best to call ahead to check their pet policy.


Can I put my dog in a baby stroller?

While your dog may fit in a baby stroller, it is not recommended to do so for several reasons:

Size: Most baby strollers are designed for infants up to around 3 years old. They are often too small and restrictive for most dogs, except for very small breeds like chihuahuas.

Safety: Baby strollers are not designed to safely secure and restrain a dog. Dogs can potentially jump out or tip the stroller over, risking injury.

Durability: Baby strollers are not built to withstand a dog's claws, chewing, and wear and tear. They can get damaged.


Are pet strollers allowed in airports?

Some UK airports allow small pet carriers and strollers through security. Policies vary and are updated, so verify the rules with your airport. Service dogs in strollers are allowed.


Where can I use a dog stroller?

In the UK, dog strollers can be used in parks, beaches, hiking trails, outdoor shopping centers, outdoor cafes and pubs, festivals, camping, and markets that allow dogs.


Best dog strollers in the UK?

The best-selling and most accessible dog stroller brands in the UK are InnoPet & Ibiyaya.


As you can tell, there are a multitude of uses and scenarios where you may need support or help with your pet or dog's transportation. Don't forget to attach the tethers in the dog stroller to your pet's collar or harness to prevent them from jumping out unexpectedly.

What do you think of dog strollers?

Got a question? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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