Dog Bike Trailers: Exploring the Product and our Range

Dog Bike Trailers: Exploring the Product and our Range

An Introduction to Dog Bike Trailers

Picture a gorgeous, sunny summer's day and you can hear the miles of local trail exploration calling your name. Your bicycle is serviced, oiled, and ready to pedal-up and push on through the lush green landscapes or beaten track. But what about your canine companion?

You don't want to leave them home alone for hours on end while you're out and about, rolling across the undulations of the uncharted natural elements, do you?

Well, good news! We have the solution for you, in the form of a dog bike trailer. But,

What is a dog trailer?

You may be wondering, what is the name for a trailer for my dog that I can attach to my bicycle?
This is something named a "dog trailer" or a "dog bike trailer".

Terminology of the Dog Bike Trailer

Dog Trailer or Dog Bike Trailer: Signifying a trailer-style carrier for dogs; usually convertible into a dog stroller.

While the terminology may differ, either term is acceptable and are used interchangeably. Both terms refer to the same mode of transportation that allows pet owners to ferry their canine companions along with them on their bicycle adventures.


Can You Put a Dog in a Bike Trailer?

Dog bike trailers, as explained in full on our Wiki: Wikialpha/Dog_bike_trailer, are akin to a bike trailer for a baby, it is a specialised, closed-cabin style trailer designed for dogs that attaches to your bike's rear axle via a tow arm and hitch system. It allows you to take your furry friend along on cycling adventures, daily commutes, or running errands around town without leaving them behind.

Burley Bark Ranger dog trailer

Burley Bark Ranger dog bike trailer


History of the Dog Bike Trailer

It is unclear exactly where and when the terms "dog bike trailer" and "dog trailers" were coined. However, the canine-adapted models evolved and came to existence from their origin of "Butcher's" cargo bikes that were invented in Denmark in the 1930's and used to ferry commodities like food and baked goods; later used to carry children.


 christiana cargo bike

One of the earliest known dog bike trailers, or simply dog trailer, commercially available were those by Burley in 2007, named "dog".

dog bike trailer

Fast forward to 2024 and there is a whole litter of dog trailers available on the market.


Where to Buy Dog Bike Trailer?

We, here at Silver Circle Pets, are passionate about finding you the right product for your needs. We offer a wide range of dog bike trailers from popular top brands around the world, to cater to your dog bicycle trailer travels. Such as:


innopet hercules dog trailer

InnoPet Hercules Multifunctional Dog Stroller & Dog Trailer


How Much Does a Dog Bike Trailer Cost?

Undoubtedly, the cost of a dog bike trailer is a major consideration when preparing to purchase one. It is important to bear in mind that the prices of dog bike trailers can vary depending on several factors such as: size, brand, features, location of the manufacturer, the materials used to make them, and any included accessories such as a rain cover, the tow arm, and the hitch.

Currently, as of June 2024, our collection of dog bike trailers ranges from £349.95 all the way through to £1,641.00.
This price range ensures that it matches a variety of budgets and needs, from small models to extra large models - depending on the size of your dog or multiple dogs.

Features of a Dog Bike Trailer

Dog bike trailers feature internal, attached safety leashes fixed to the trailer to keep your dog safe and secure as you ride across the uneven surfaces that nature has formed.

InnoPet Sporty Evolution multifunctional dog stroller & dog bike trailer


Other features include:

  • A sturdy frame and fabric construction. Such as all of the DoggyTourer trailers that are manufactured with an aluminium base as standard.

  • An enclosed cabin area with mesh windows for ventilation
  • Suspension for a smooth ride - like that featured on the Hamax Pluto
  • Quick release wheels for easy installation/removal

InnoPet® Sporty Evolution V2.0 with Free Rain Cover Pet Strollers Innopet Silver Circle Pets

InnoPet Sporty Evolution 2.0 dog trailer & stroller

  • Ample space for your dog to sit, stand, or lie down comfortably
  • In line with children's bicycle trailer legislation (DIN EN 159.2017-05) & EN 15918
  • Safety reflectors so you're always seen - like on the Burley Bark Ranger pictured below

innopet sporty deluxe dog stroller and dog bike trailer


  • Multifunctionality: Some dog bike trailers like the above InnoPet Sporty Deluxe and InnoPet Hercules come in the form of a pet stroller that can then be turned into a dog bike trailer by use of a compatible tow arm
  • Reverse-Multifunctionality: In the same way that dog strollers can convert into a dog bike trailer, some dog trailers have an additional stroller kit available for purchase that can then reverse-convert the dog trailer into a dog stroller. Many of which can be found in our Multifunctional Dog Stroller collection.

Croozer Jokke using the handle bar from the stroller kit.


How to Get Your Dog Used to a Trailer?

Here are some tips for getting your dog used to and comfortable with a dog bike trailer: Start Slowly with Introduction
  • Set up the trailer indoors initially and let your dog investigate it calmly while giving treats and praise.
  • Place familiar toys/blankets inside to make it inviting.
  • Keep the door open so they can freely enter and exit.
Practice at Home
  • Once they seem comfortable around the trailer, practice having them hop in on command and rewarding them.
  • Gradually build up to closing the door for short periods while you're present.
  • Take the trailer for short walks around your garden or neighbourhood to get them accustomed to the motion.
Make it Positive
  • Pair the dog bike trailer with things your dog loves like favorite treats, toys, and playtime.
  • Use a happy, encouraging tone of voice.
  • Never force or punish them for being unsure.
Increase Duration Gradually
  • Slowly extend the amount of time they spend secured inside the trailer.
  • Incorporate breaks, treats, and playtime in between longer periods inside.
Get Them Accustomed to Sounds/Motions
  • Play sounds of bikes/traffic while they're in the stationary dog bike trailer.
  • Take them for very short bike rides around the block, increasing distance over time.
Be Patient and Consistent
  • Let your dog warm up at their own pace, some may take longer than others.
  • Stick to a routine and keep trailer introductions positive.
By making the trailer introduction process slow, rewarding and fun, your dog will gradually become comfortable and confident riding along in their new mobile pet home. Consistency and positive reinforcement are key.

Our Doggy Tourer trailers are even designed to have a further versatile functionality as a mobile kennel and/or a handy bench for you both to rest in or on during your cycling adventures, with the use of an additional Aluminium railings kit.
An excerpt from our Doggy Tourer dog trailer product listings:

German Quality, Unleashed

Our unwavering commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the Doggy Tourer. Handcrafted in Germany, this exceptional trailer reflects our dedication to your satisfaction. Non-toxic materials safeguard your pet's wellbeing, while impeccable craftsmanship ensures years of reliable use. Aluminium railings can also be installed thanks to the extension set, allowing you to use the trailer as a convenient bench.

doggytourer roof bars


How to Attach a Dog Bike Trailer?

Some dog bike trailers come with a hitch to be positioned like pictured below by one of our customers, and tow arm packaged as standard, like the Petique Breeze Jogger.

Where as others offer a tow arm as an additional purchase. To attach a dog bike trailer you will need to locate what is typically known as the “rear axle bolt” or “rear wheel axle bolt”. In some cases, it may also be referred to as the “trailer hitch bolt” or “trailer hitch mount bolt”. This bolt secures the rear wheel to the bicycle frame, and once the nut on this is unscrewed, the hitch for towing a trailer or carrying accessories is slid on to this bolt and the nut then re-screwed back on to the bolt to secure the hitch in place.


dog bike trailer hitch


dog bike trailer hitch

The fine sizing of a dog trailer hitch will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A common size axle bolt is 9mm-12mm.

(Disclaimer: this is a general guideline, always check compatibility before purchase).

However, cycles can come fitted with a range of thru-axle and therefore axle bolt sizing's for your hitch to affix to.

It is vital to research the compatibility of the trailer hitch to your cycle’s rear wheel axle bolt, including by measuring the diameter of your bolt.

The below is an example of what the hitch can look like when not attached to your bike.

dog bike trailer hitch

The tow arm meant for your trailer that attaches to both the dog trailer and the bicycle allows you to then turn the unit into a dog bike trailer.

connected tow arm and trailer hitch

The below videos demonstrate a dog trailer hitch, tow arm, and attaching the trailer to your bike, or ebike as is the case in one of these videos. Which answers another question you may have:

Can You Pull a Dog Trailer on an E-Bike?

Yes, a dog trailer can be pulled with an ebike. But for the safety of your dog, you should purchase a dog bike trailer that is ebike compatible.

Some ebikes (and traditional bicycles) may come with non-standard wider, more hard-wearing, heavy duty tyres; particularly those made for off-road usage. Due to this, they will also arrive equipped with specially designed, more robust thru-axles, and axle bolts that can range typically from 12mm to 20mm.

Partly due to this, not all dog bike trailers are ebike compatible. Equally, some dog bike trailers are not suitable for use with ebikes due to the bike’s torque, pulling power, and speed. E-bikes have recently soared in popularity, meaning when most dog trailer hitches were designed, they were designed for traditional bikes.

However, DoggyTourer trailers are designed in a way that makes them approved for ebike use. This is partly due to collaborating with fellow German engineers, Weber Technik GmbH, who manufacture a range of Weber couplings to ensure the trailers are compatible with ebikes. Equally again, their ebike-friendly status is due to their solid 1.5mm thick aluminium base.

See all the dog trailers that Doggy Tourer has to offer.

DoggyTourer’s own faq states:


Is the DoggyTourer approved for an e-bike?

Yes, but the maximum speed of 25 km/h must be adhered to.


Trailer used in the video is a Burley Tail Wagon

The above Burley Tail Wagon trailer and Burley Bark Ranger are also other options that are ebike compatible - though, once again, it is imperative that you ensure the hitch will fit your ebike's axle bolt.

The Silver Circle Pets Range of Dog Bike Trailers

We sell a range of dog trailers here at Silver Circle Pets, but what characteristics set them apart from each other?



Burley Bark Ranger dog stroller & trailer

As we earlier stated, Burley were one of the first known brands to have commercially available dog trailers. Today, as of 2024, their offerings are the above Bark Ranger and Tail Wagon. Both of which operate as a dog stroller and a dog bike trailer.
  • Price: £449.00 - £699.00
  • E-bike compatible
  • Low loading level
  • Large entry opening
  • Tail Wagon model for smaller sized dogs
  • Tail Wagon dedicated dog bike trailer
  • Bark Ranger model for large and extra large dogs
  • Holds 34 - 45 kg


Silver Circle Pets Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Chart - Burley

  *with use of compatible hitch

Browse and compare Burley's two trailers.



croozer peppa
Croozer trailers boast that they're designed in collaboration with veterinarians, dog trainers, dog breeders, and canine therapists; making them an appealing option to consumers. Croozer dog trailers are also designed in such a way that gives them a 'generously low and wide entry door', which is ideal for pet owners with senior canines, or canines who are less mobile and sprightly.
  • Price: £999.00 - £1249.00
  • Collaborative design with canine professionals
  • Low loading level
  • Wide entry point
  • Small, Medium, and Large sizes
  • Holds 35 kg - 45 kg
  • Sourcing of compatible hitches available
  • Battery powered tail light
  • Dog stroller convertible


Silver Circle Pets Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Chart - Croozer

*with use of compatible hitch

Take a look at Croozer's offerings.



doggytourer dog bike trailer

DoggyTourer Idefix small dog bike trailer & ebike


German engineers DoggyTourer create probably the most robust dog bike trailers on the market, thanks to their 1.5mm aluminium thick base/shell. They pride themselves on safety and are possibly the most ebike friendly dog trailer on the market due to the strength of the units and the range of coupling devices available.


  • Price: £927.00 - £1,641.00
  • E-bike friendly
  • Aluminium shell
  • Additional roof bars to convert trailer into a kennel/bench
  • 2-wheel & 4-wheel versions
  • Individual wheel suspension
  • Dog stroller convertible
Silver Circle Pets Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Chart - DoggyTourer

 *with compatible hitch.

Discover the range of Doggy Tourer trailers.




hamax pluto


Hamax are better known for their children's bike trailers, so they know a thing or two about trailers, but in 2023 released the Hamax Pluto mulitfunctional dog bike trailer and dog stroller. Available in two sizes, medium and large, and two colours to differentiate between the two. The Hamax Pluto easily and neatly folds down compact, making it a breeze for transporting. The suspension makes it a comfortable ride for your furry friend.

  • Price: £749 / £799
  • Folds flat for travel and storage
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Two sizes
  • Low loading level
  • Cargo function
  • Dog stroller conversion kit
  • Rear & side entry


Silver Circle Pets Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Chart - Hamax

  *with use of compatible hitch

Start your dog biking adventures today with Hamax


innopet sporty evolution dog stroller and dog trailer

Dutch brand InnoPet is one of, if not the, most popular pet stroller brands in the U.K. and are our best sellers. Their success is no surprise - they offer a whole range of pet-mobiles, ensuring you find the right pet travel solution. "Bring happiness back" is their company slogan and it is clear to see that this statement is also their mission, given the diverse range of offerings they have.

  • Price: £349.95 - £469.95
  • Rain cover included as standard
  • Multifunctional pet strollers & dog bike trailers
  • Inclusive trailer arm (excluding Hercules)
  • Replacement parts readily & upon request available
  • Additional accessories available
  • Safety lock feature keeps your dog secure


Silver Circle Pets Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Chart - InnoPet

 *Excludes tow bar weight of 2.5 kg

 Explore InnoPet's diverse range of dog strollers and dog trailers


Petique Breeze Pet Jogger Stroller incl. Free Rain Cover & Bike Adapter Pet Strollers Petique Silver Circle Pets

Just as great, but often overlooked is one of America's favourite brands, Petique. Their lesser known status this side of the pond means consumers are hesitant when considering Petique in their search for a suitable pet trailer. Over in the U.S.A, you will very likely find that pet strollers and pet trailers are just as popular and frequently seen as those made for children; you're far more likely to spot a Petique model out in the wild. They are perhaps, a stateside secret.

  • Price: £369.99 / £455.00
  • Multifunctional pet stroller & dog bike trailer
  • Included rain cover & tow arm (UK exclusive)
  • Rigorous testing
  • Non-toxic eco-friendly products
  • Patented pee pad included
  • One-hand fold
  • Air tyres
  • Included tyre pump

Silver Circle Pets Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Chart - Petique

*with compatible hitch.

*Petique models are a pet stroller first and a dog bike trailer as a secondary function.

You too can be a trendsetter when you shop Petique



Last, but certainly not least, is AddBike. Founded in 2015, this French company's unique products are gaining popularity here despite being a relatively unfamiliar name. While, strictly speaking, not a traditional dog trailer; but a category of its own, being a pet cargo bike. The AddBike B-Back Box Pet shares similarities to a dog bike trailer as we know it in the sense that it positions itself at the rear of your bicycle to carry your dog along your journey.
The difference being that AddBike's unique system turns your regular bicycle into a tricycle (also called a 'T-bike') to enable you to carry your pet along with you throughout the city.

AddBike shares its category with very few market peers as the system used is like no other system on the market. Given that installation involves complexities such as swapping across the cassette of your bicycle gears or sourcing a single-speed kit, it is advisable for your system to be installed by a professional, experienced bicycle mechanic.

Another innovative slant (pun intended) on the dog trailer is the AddBike Carry'Dog system. Once again this offering isn't a traditional dog bike trailer, but a product of its own kind. Maybe your four-pawed passenger would prefer to enjoy the scenery from a different point of view. With the Carry'Dog, your pup can feel the wind in their fur and take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the ride up front and center thanks to its front-of-the-bicycle positioning. Though you might picture your Toto in-tow, the Carry'Dog puts them font and center and is in fact often referred to as a "front dog bike trailer". 
As with the B-Back Pet, the Carry'Dog comes with the advice of being fitted by an experience professional.

  • Price: £1250 / £1350
  • Rear facing or front facing option
  • Professional fitting for peace of mind
  • Innovative
  • Additional axle kits for compatibility
  • Shock-resist


Silver Circle Pets Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Chart - AddBike


Shop the two innovative models by AddBike


Concluding Dog Bike Trailer Thoughts

Doggy Tourer Boomer X Dog Bike Trailer  Doggy Tourer Silver Circle Pets

When choosing a dog bike trailer it is vital to check the maximum capacity weight of your trailer compared to the weight of your animal friend. Furthermore you should measure your pet to ensure they have ample room when in the trailer to make sure they have a comfortable ride.

Modern pet travel solutions have drawn their inspiration from an early 1930's invention, quite literally turning it on its head and keeping up with modern advancements in technology - Imagine what the future may hold for pet travel!
Lucky enough to own an electric bike? Don't forget to double check that the stock hitch is compatible or whether you need to source one to fit.

Picture the joy of exploring scenic trails with your furry friend by your side! With the right dog bike trailer, you can turn that vision into reality.

Explore our range of pet trailers to find your cycle solution: 
Shop dog bike trailers

Perhaps your pet travels are closer to home and your cycle journeys are for another day. We also have a range of pet strollers:
Shop pet strollers

Replacement parts are available for each of strollers and trailers. 

Prices are correct as of June 2024 and are subject to annual inflation, as well as promotional sales.

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